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I get a real buzz from making women feel beautiful and amazing with the result of my work. Pretty much every woman that has had a photoshoot with me has returned for more at a later stage.

Photoshoot Experience

A photoshoot can seem quite daunting if you have never experienced one before, however I assure you within 10 minutes of meeting me, your nerves will be no more… I will help you to create some really sexy styles and poses by literally showing you the poses myself, all you have to do is copy me, once you’ve got it, I’ll get to work to create the most amazing images you have ever seen of yourself.

Photo Editing

Yes, in answer to most clients questions… I’m pleased to tell you as well as airbrushing, I can work wonders on stretch marks, spots, cellulite, tums, bums, thighs, chins, basically most unwanted areas.

Creative Ideas

I pride myself on my innovative creative idea's... Some ideas I have planned for each shoot, however others I simply create on the spot...

100% Customer Satisfaction

Most of my clients have been so pleased with their overall experience, images and prints that many have returned, each time I present new creative ideas to make their images as different from their last shoot as possible.


I recommend bringing 5 different outfit changes, Clothing depending on the type of photoshoot… Here are some ideas below…

A selection of different style and colour underwear, dresses, Jeans, boots, heels, hats, necklaces, belts, casual clothing.


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